The structured cabling infrastructure is the foundation of which all other technologies communicate. No single technology investment will last longer than the structured cabling system. It must take into consideration not only the standards of today, but also must conform to the technologies of tomorrow. JW Carrigan, LLC realizes that decisions concerning a buildings cabling system are complex and will have a strategic and financial impact for years to come.

For this reason, the structured cabling division of JW Carrigan, LLC approaches each and every project from a partner perspective. We take the time to understand where our customers are today, where they want to be tomorrow, and where they need to be in the future.

Organizations such as data centers, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing plants can incur costly downtime issues due to power outages.  JW Carrigan, LLC can engineer/install electrical solutions that can regulate and distribute power in an efficient manner. JW Carrigan, LLC has years of experience in building distribution systems that will help your facility to maximize its available power.

Built To Your Specifications

In order for a distribution system to be effective, it must be built to your organization’s custom standards. A healthcare facility is not going to have the same power needs as a manufacturing plant, but both facilities will need a distribution system that keeps them going. We have experts on staff who can analyze your situation and design a distribution system that matches your needs perfectly. We will install and maintain that system for you to make sure you are always getting the power you need.

We Build From The Ground Up

Our company has years of experience in designing and building custom distribution systems from the ground up. We can design and install a system capable of handling up to 69KV, and we will make sure that everything is up to code and safe.

A Provider To Companies You Know

Your company should trust JW Carrigan, LLC for your next power distribution system because so many other notable companies already utilize our services. We are the professionals organizations trust for their most important power needs.