Healthcare facilities are constantly expanding and adding technology that requires modern electrical and communications systems. JW Carrigan, LLC has built an impressive list of healthcare clients that includes the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the Princeton Medical Center, and Capital Health Systems. Thanks to our attention to detail and our understanding of the latest technologies, we have become the electrical contractor choice for many prominent healthcare systems.

The Expanding Healthcare Industry

Technology has become a huge part of the healthcare industry, and the bigger and better machines being used all require a different type of power system. For decades, JW Carrigan, LLC has been helping hospitals and healthcare research facilities to upgrade their power systems to meet their needs. It takes experience and trained experts to meet the needs of the new healthcare industry, and JW Carrigan, LLC has a high level of both.

New Builds Have Become More Complex

When an organization or municipality decides to build a new medical facility, they need a power and communications contractor that understands all of the new requirements for healthcare facilities. JW Carrigan, LLC has developed a reputation for being that contractor, and that is why so many of the hospitals people go to are powered by a JW Carrigan, LLC system.

The Industry Keeps Evolving

With the constant advances in radiology equipment and surgical methods, it can be difficult for a power and communications contractor to stay up to date. But JW Carrigan, LLC knows the healthcare industry, and we know exactly what it takes to power the newest facilities. We also have the know-how needed to upgrade existing facilities to meet today’s medical needs.

Your healthcare or medical research facility needs to have the right power and communications systems in place if you are going to service your patients properly. JW Carrigan, LLC has spend decades developing custom electrical systems that run the modern hospitals of today. Contact us and let us help your facility to meet the needs of your patients now and in the future.