Pharmaceutical manufacturers are very precise organizations that have exacting standards for everything they do. When it comes to research, every aspect from the lab equipment to the flow of electricity has to be built to strict standards. To meet these standards, companies such as Aventis and Roche rely on JW Carrigan, LLC.

When Every Spark Counts

The work done in pharmaceutical facilities is extremely important and potentially dangerous. Without clean electricity delivered through a custom-built power distribution system, a pharmaceutical company could not do the important research it does to develop medications. We are proud to be the company that many of the largest pharmaceutical companies count on when they need the right power solutions.

From Medication Storage To Keeping The Lights On

Storing medications, especially those in development, requires a steady flow of electricity to keep the important equipment running. We are able to design custom solutions for any size pharmaceutical organization and make sure the investments they make in curing people are preserved. A pharmaceutical company is also a business, and most of the major medicine makers in the country look to JW Carrigan, LLC to keep the lights on and the security systems in operating condition.

Building Solutions To Match Needs

JW Carrigan, LLC is the ideal company to handle the power needs of pharmaceutical companies because we can design and build any project to any standard. We set the bar as high as it can go when it comes to quality, and we deliver systems that make sure that the medications the world needs are safe, secured, and ready to be shipped.

Do not take any chances with the wiring or power systems installed into your pharmaceutical research and business facilities. Contact JW Carrigan, LLC to get the very best in industrial power solutions.